Greenway Farm Ethics and Values

Greenway Farm is a small family farm, nestled in the Heart of the  Wye Valley’s area of outstanding natural beauty.

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with respect for the environment. We do not compromise on our principles, and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce food following the traditional methods established by our grandparents.

Sustainable Farming

We believe in farming sustainably in harmony with the natural environment.

Our animals are reared following traditional farming practices and graze on permanent pasture, rich in wild flowers, and native grasses throughout the year. Our livestock live without stress, in family groups, to feed and exercise as nature intended. We are proud of our animals and keep the best females as breeding stock. We make it our business to know each animal, their life history, to ensure the highest standards of welfare.

Native Breeds

We rear traditional native breeds, including Aberdeen Angus, Dexter cattle and Shropshire sheep. These are perfectly suited to the terrain and climate of the Wye valley, thriving on the species rich wildflower meadows, and requiring little additional feed.

All our Native Breeds are slow growing, maturing gradually to produce nourishing, healthy, high welfare food.

Permanent Pasture

A patchwork of meadows and hedges form a vital part of our countryside.  These meadows are a haven for wildlife, providing the principal source of food and shelter for our cattle and sheep.

Our fields contain a variety of many plant species including native grasses, herbs, wildflowers, and clovers, providing all the nutritional requirements for our grazing animals, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and supports  a diverse range of insects and wildlife. Our pigs, although not ruminants, also eat grass as a high proportion of their diet.

Mature Naturally

One of our key principles at Greenway Farm, is to grow livestock slowly. By selecting the right breeds, with the right diet, we let animals grow at a natural pace, without stress. This is of paramount importance to the health and welfare of our animals.

Eat Less Meat

Sounds strange, doesn’t it, coming from farmers?

We should all cut down on the amount of meat we eat. However, good quality meat is very nutritious when it comes from animals that have been naturally fed – a great source of protein, iron, B12 and other nutrients – produced in a way that has respect for the animal, respect for the farmer and respect for the Environment.